CW REGISTRATION FORMS: these forms are also available during the online registration process

CW Athlete Code of Conduct

CW Parent Code of Conduct

CW Photo/Video/Information Release Forms

CW Concussion Information Form

The following documents should be carefully reviewed for additional information about the CW programs and requirements of membership:

Practice Group Schedules 

Meet Schedule 

Family Fee Information : describes the responsibility of each family to pay a fee beyond their swimmer fees.  Each family is required to pay the Family Fee of $100 per family per swim year. This fee can be simply paid by check or can be ’earned’ through a number of fundraising opportunities.

Club Service Requirements: describes the required support that families give to the club by volunteering their time.  For people not involved in the Board and Committees, this is typically achieved by working at the swim meets hosted by Club Wolverine.

Fee Schedule: outlines the upcoming/current session fees for each of CW's swim programs. 

Training Group Descriptions: explains the different training groups within CW.

If you were previously registered with USA swimming for a team other than Club Wolverine, you also should print out and fill in the Michigan Swimming Transfer Form.  USA Swimming’s rules allow you to compete representing Club Wolverine starting 120 days after your last competition representing another USA Swimming club.  If you have not been on a USA Club before or for more than the past 120 days you can become affiliated with Club Wolverine immediately.  We ask that you discuss all club changes with your current/previous club.  CW does not recruit members from other clubs and we want to make sure that all of our neighboring clubs are aware of your intentions.

Application Related Forms