CW Elite swimmer Barry Murphy shocked the swimming world last night at the Indianapolis Grand Prix meet.  Below is a snippet from a USA Today article.  Congrats to Barry!!  You can watch the meet online at the USA Swimming website.  Last night it was also on Universal Sports on Comcast (channel 295) and replayed at 10:00 p.m.

The "Wait, Who?" Award: Barry Murphy. Coming into this weekend, my "Can't-Miss Race of the Weekend” was the men's 100 breaststroke. All the big names were in this race. Kitajima. Alexandrov. Shanteau. Gangloff. Titus. Burckle. Swander. Literally, the men’s 100 breaststroke was a "who's-who" event, which OF COURSE meant this would end up being the biggest upset of the night. (Who said swimming is predictable?)
America, meet Club Wolverine’s Barry Murphy. To say this was an upset just isn't doing service to the word "upset." This was shocking. You’ve got the TWO TIME DEFENDING Olympic Gold Medalist in this event (Kitajima finished 4th in the championship finals). You’ve got a stacked field. Murphy, a veteran. 25-years-old, splashed to a stellar 1:00.77, an incredibly fast time, and not far off Mike Alexandrov's winning 100 breaststroke this summer at the U.S. Nationals (1:00.26). Was Murphy shaved and tapered? Not sure. Better question: does it matter? 1:00.77 a legit time, and congratulations Barry Murphy, you've officially humbled this writer – and the rest of the IUPUI Natatorium tonight.