New Dates: Swimathon Special Motivational Clinic

Due to the PCC Meet scheduled on May 15th, the Swimathon Special Motivational Clinic has been rescheduled to Wednesday/Thursday May 25 or 26th   Swimmers who sent out a minimum of 10 letters/emails to sponsors are invited to this clinic.

Our guest clinicians are Bobby Savulich and Mark Hill!  They will split up the groups to make the clinic more user friendly, so that each group gets what they need.  Cubs and state 1 together, then state 2,3,4 together, then the Nat group alone.  Specific times and locations will follow in another email  (This clinic will not interfere with regularly scheduled practices). 

Motivational Clinic Invitation List (as of 5/12/11)


Atticus Davey

Racheed Alwan

Shannon Wiseman

Josh Moss

Marissa Gerber

Ruthie Seltz

Ellie Schenk

Kristen Wiseman

Olivia Ecclestone

Alex Schenk

Annabelle St. Pierre

Arun Bhattacharyya

Borun Bhattacharyya

Adam Whitener

Hanna Martin

 Maddy Frost

 Jacob Itkin

 Katie Orringer

 Matt Orringer

 Daniel Keith

Please contact me if there is a mistake or omission.

Thank you!  Sue Whitener