The monthly CW board meeting will take place at Canham on Sunday, Oct. 16th from 1 to 2 p.m. in the Team Room.  The following is the agenda:

Club Wolverine Swimming, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

Regular Meeting Agenda


Date:               October, 2011

Location:         Canham


NOTE: Timeline and agenda is tentative and subject to change without notice


1.      Call to Order and Approval of Minutes (1:00) – Kirk Evenson, President

    • Approval of July 2011 board meeting minutes

 2.      President’s Report (1:05) – Kirk Evenson, President

    • Congratulations
    • Tim Schenck – December meet update

 3.      Executive Head Coach’s Report (1:10) –           Kelton Graham, Head Coach

Mike Bottom, High Performance Coach


4.      Treasurer’s Report (1:20) – Lisa Mesaros, Treasurer


5.      Member Communications (1:30)

    • Membership is welcome to address the board and members
    • It is requested that issues that may take an extended period of discussion be brought to the board’s attention prior to the meeting

 6.      Brief Committee Reports (1:40) – Paul Cowley, Vice President

·         Pool & Meet Committee – Paul Cowley, Chair

·         Events Committees – Lynn Boland, Chair

·         Feedback Committee – Jeff Orringer, Chair

·         PR and Website Committee- Jon Ehrman, Chair

·         Equipment Committee –  Gwen Klein, Chair

·         Pool Parents Committee -  (In need of), Chair

·         Travel Committee – Jenny Demonte, Chair

·         Videotaping Committee-Ian Collingwood, Chair

·         Family Fee Committee – Randy Motyka, Chair

·         Club Service Requirements Committee – Mary Fisher, Chair


7.      Next Regular Meeting

·         November, 2011