U-M Canham Building Safety Policy Updates


I wanted to follow up with you regarding your questions new UM security policies for youth sports practices at UM.

I have had several conversations the Aquatics Director at UM regarding the new policies. I hope that I will be able to answer all of the questions you have ask. If I have left something out please let me know. 

1) All of the youth groups will have the same polices; swimming, diving and polo.

2) Parents will not be allowed in the stands during workout. This is actually a long standing policy at UM, it has just not been enforced often.

3) If you would like to walk your child through the "Hall of Fame" to the point where they enter the glass doors for the pool that will be OK. You would then need to exit out the way you came in through the "Hall or Fame".

4) If your child is sick or needs to be picked up early then you may enter through the "Hall of Fame", come down the deck to the coach of your child’s group and pick up your child. You should exit through the "Hall of Fame".

Please note that if you are picking up your child early we ask that you plan to arrive at the pool at the time your child is schedule to get out of the pool to minimize the distraction for coaches and athletes.

                           If your child is sick before workout please do not send them to practice!

5) The doors coming out of the pool at the parking lot will be locked after 5 PM.

6) Both of the doors on the Hoover Street side of the "Hall of Fame" and the track side of the "Hall of Fame" will be open for athletes to enter. Please note that there is an emergence exit door on the Hoover side of the pool. It will not be open for entrance.

7) There are no plans at this time to have a "Town Hall Meeting" with the parents of the three teams regarding the new and old policies.


Please let me know if you have other questions.  






Dear Club Wolverine Families:

Since November 2, there have been three Peeping Tom incidents in the women’s locker room at Canham.  Two of those incidents were reported to campus security and the Ann Arbor Police and one was not reported.  Two of the incidents have occurred when youth water polo players were leaving the pool and age group swimmers were arriving.  The third incident happened during a CW swim practice last week.  It is not clear how the intruder entered the locker room.  The suspects (there may be more than one) are still at large.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Campus Security or the Ann Arbor Police (see info below).

The Canham building staff and Campus Security informed CW this week that starting Monday, December 1, it is necessary to significantly tighten access to the building by locking doors and limiting parent access to the pool before, during and after swim practices.  At the current time, the policy includes not allowing parents to sit in the stands to watch swimmers during practice.

We realize this is a major change and will require families to adjust routines, especially for families that drive a long distance to practices.  We also realize that there will be many questions about details we have not yet worked out.  For instance, we are working out how parents will be able to pick up swimmers early due to illness or unexpected circumstances.

In the mean time, please contact Coach Bailey Weathers with questions and concerns so that he can work out a new set of procedures that meet both the safety needs of our children, which is a top priority, and minimize the inconvenience to parents and swimmers.  

Below is a link to the U-M Campus Security website that lists the details of the first peeping tom incident.  The notice includes some general suggestions for safety that parents may wish to review with their swimmer.  Click on the second link to view the new building policy. The third link is a copy of a news article about the first incident.


CW Head Coach Bailey Weathers and the CW Board of Directors