Pick up your CW t-shirt and cap this Sunday!


Pick up your CW t-shirt and cap at the
Welcome Back Party this Sunday, Sept 27th
and take advantage of deep discounted* prices on swim wear available through Different Strokes on-site
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Mill Pond Park, 565 W. Bennett Street, Saline, Mi
T-shirts and Caps
Club Wolverine provides a CW t-shirt and cap at no cost for all registered swimmers. These t-shirts and caps will be distributed at the Welcome Back Party. 
Because we do not have facilities for storage and distribution, we ask that you make every effort to pick up your t-shirt and cap at this event.  
Different Strokes Swim Shop will also be on-site to host a Fitting Day. If you need apparel or equipment, they’ll have suits, warm-ups and equipment for purchase at a special promotional discount. These discounts are significantly greater than our usual CW discount which is available throughout the year. But, this special discount isonly available on purchases/orders made on Sept 27 at the Welcome Back Party.  
* Please take a moment to review the product & pricing lists for more information. You can review this information by going to our website, log in for members only, and click on “Member Resources” followed by “Equipment”.  
If you’re not familiar with the equipment your son/daughter may need for practice, have your swimmer ask their coach---they’re a good resource for advice.