Josh Ehrman Attends Zone Select Camp

In the tradition of the past 4 years (Look at the CW Mission & History page to see who has attended in the past), Josh Ehrman attended the USA Swimming Central Zone Select Camp in Oford, OH over the Memorial Day weekend.  This was a select group of swimmers from all over the Central Zone who qualified for the camp.  The Zone Select Camps are viewed as an integral step for athletes to move from the local and Zone level onto to the national scene.   [ CLICK HERE] to learn how to qualify for the camp.

Swimmers spent 3 days working out together [CLICK HERE FOR THE WORKOUTS], eating and living in a dorm atmosphere, and spent time with a select group of coaches.  Acitivties outside of the pool included a variety of team building activites and a series of lectures about proper training, nutrtion, and what to do to bring your swimming to the next level.

Josh particularly enjoyed the meet in which three teams were developed.  His team won the overall meet [CLICK HERE FOR MEET RESULTS] and was treated to Cold Stone!  He also said he felt like he learned a lot about what it will take to go to higher levels in swimming.  He enjoyed talks from Matt Elliott, a USA National Junior team member who recently competed in Spain.  Matt taught the group the official USA Swimming cheer. [CLICK HERE] to go to the Facebook page that shows the cheer and a few pictures from the camp.