CW Elite and UM Update

 As the time for the challenge comes closer we need to celebrate the victories to prepare for the battle.

An article in the New York Times confirms our intention to become the leaders and the best in the area of technology associated with fast swimming.  When you read this understand that we affirm that our University demands that we move forward in both our sport and lives with understanding and questions. Go Blue!!!


Great news on last year’s recruiting!  Michigan’s incoming class is ranked number 1 by collegeswimming.com. Check it out!


In another direction of modernization one of our elite post graduates Bobby Savulich has set up a fan page on Face Book ‘Club Wolverine’ is an educational and informative site that’s posts weekly videos of drills, technique tips as well as showing the lighter side of training.  Check it out!


Finally we are reaching out to the community in clinics and talks. Recently in Troy Michigan a group of over 200 gathered to watch Michigan men and women swim fast and share the fun.  There was racing, motivational talks, and good will to go around.


In the summer the change of pace pulls both the men and women Wolverines together under one banner.  We train together, travel and win together. After a very successful win for Michigan in Montreal Canada, we are heading to the World Championship and Pan Pacific Games trials in Irvine California.  Watch us online at; http://usaswimming.org/DesktopDefault.aspx?TabId=1418&Alias=Rainbow&Lang=en

The CW Elite group also had a great time sending off the age group kids to last weeks Sectional meet.  They swam well and we are excited for their accomplishments.  Thanks to the Boland's for letting us use their house for this event.

Please Plan to join us for Michigan's 2010 Homecoming swimming activities the week end of October 16th and 17th.We will celebrate the years of great coaching and Olympic glory produced during the Matt Mann, Gus Stager, Jon Urbanchek and Bob Bowmen eras. Celebrations include but are not limited to the BBQ and game on Saturday and a night of Olympic Games on Sunday at the Union.   More to come on these events as the dates draw near.

A win is a win when the spirit blows across the finish and the win is a growth in heart and a whisper of understanding.

Go Blue and go CW!!!!

Coach Mike Bottom