As you probably know CW is hosting 2 important meets in the next 1.5 months.  First is the 13& Over State Meet at EMUo on March 18-20.  We are co-hosting this with the Detroit Tiger Sharks team.  Then we have the Eric Namesnik Grand Prix on April 8-10. Look for volunteer sign up information soon for these.

It is traditional that we sell advertising for these meets.  I am happy to announce that we have a comprehensive package of advertising opportunities ranging in price beginning from as little as $25.  This is a great way to gain connections with CW in the community and to knock off your family fee committment very quickly.  The link below has all the information you need to get this done including information about CW, the various selections, agreement and invoice forms, and example sizes of ads.  You might want to start soon as the deadlines are March 15th and April 4th for these meets. 


In order to avoid separate individuals from soliciting the same company, a list of committed advertisers will be listed on the CW State Meet page (to be up within the next week), and the Grand Prix home page at: www.MichiganGrandPrix.com.  Currently the only sponsors are Probility Physical Therapy and Best Buy.  But we expect these to fill up soon so keep your eye on it!